Tuesday, September 30, 2008

watercolor piece

Another watercolor piece about elves and a worm. I like the colors in this one, and its pretty cool the affect that level manipulation(in photoshop) has on the watercolors. I have a "one" underneath because I was thinking maybe this could be the beginning of a story, but it would take me forever to make a comic where every page involved this much time. Still though...


Leonard Dente said...

Sick, look at you go. I suggest trying for experimental reasons:

A. Doing linework and watercolor totally seperate.
and then
B. Combining them digitally as layers (probably setting top linework layer to "multiply" in Photoshop.)

Unexpected things will happen AND you can adjust linework and color layers seperately which is cool. You could try a little test piece this way, or not at all as it would end up being extra work to pull off.

Keep rockin Sam, you inspire.

Ezra said...

very cool colors man