Thursday, June 11, 2009

new music

I've been working on some new music recently with my buddy Sam Kestenbaum, or DJ Samwise. I went up to Maine for about a week and spent a lot of time in the studio. Me and Sam (sam and sam) collaborated on some tracks, and I really like the result. Sam made the beats and I kind of wrote lyrics to them. The result is a kind of rock/ hip-hop/funk sound.

To hear the tracks we did, "morning bread" and "feel are real" just click play on the widget to the right.

Oh yeah and the DFS was called to WERU again, where we kicked it old school with Magnus for an hour. He played a lot of our new stuff for the masses, and we even managed to find brendan murray through the radio. He was no where to be found, so we called him out on air, and he heard it in his car! It was a pretty fun.

DFS... crazy stuff...