Sunday, December 20, 2009

Albums, Ep's, and Mixtapes

I have recently completed a slew of musical projects. First of all, I have released a "best of" compilation for the Downeast Funk Syndicate, a rap group I was part of for a few years, Secondly, I have released two EP's for my alternative/indie group Paugus, and finally I have released a full-length alcum of my personal work entitled "Monster Evolver" on itunes. I designed all the cover art myself.

All of these projects area available on the internet for free, except for "monster evolver" which is on itutnes and lala.

If it seems that I have been slow on the art making lately then this is the reason.

I'll post links to all of these albums on this blog shortly, but in the meantime I have posted the links on my facebook page.