Monday, November 30, 2009

on the radio

so i was on maine public broadcasting network last sunday, or should i say, a song of mine was. My song "coyote king" was on the show "in tune by ten" with sara willis. Its a pretty good show, so I was pretty happy to be on it. It feels good having my music played with my name attached to it. It makes me feel more "official" as a song writer.

sorry i have been neglecting his blog so much. I honestly have been working on music a lot recently, but these things move in cycles. Some days I wake up and want to write a song, other days I want to make a graphic novel. I think that I'm just going to start posting whatever on here because it's stupid for me to only post scanned images. speaking of music, i have an account at "number one music" now, which is isn't that cool in itself, but it is cool that I'm getting like 500 plays a day on it. screw myspace!

so... i'll keep posting, and one of these days I may actually make some money with all this shit. That's how the "real world" recognizes accomplishment, right?