Tuesday, May 12, 2009

stuff goin on

sorry for the lack of posts recently, i have been making art but it's so big that i need to take a picture of it and the quality usually sucks. however, thats just gonna have to be how I do it for now. i guess it is a little better overall because it's pretty hard for people to rip off a piece of mine if its taken from a picture.

my buddy is opening a gallery soon. i talked to him yesterday about it and it sounds pretty cool. He has also offered me a space at the gallery, which I'm pretty amped about. I'm in the process of framing/ making new work for the space, which should be opening around late may/ early june. more info soon...

musically i have also been doing fairly well, my "myspace" music page hit the 3000 views mark, which is cool but also kind of lame because it doesn't really mean that much. I'm holding out for a few new contraptions before starting my new music project, but the brainstorming is constant.

I want to do another DFS project, but unfortunately the other members of the band are just as sporadic as I am, and getting us all in the same place is a task in itself, let alone having us all make a concentrated effort towards a finished product.

I have faith, though...

to check out some DFS, go to


more art up soon!


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EBK said...

Keep at it!
Love, Dad