Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boston ComiCon

I went to the Boston ComiCon today, which was.. interesting. Luckily I had a buddy to brave the storm with me (thanks Lenny!). The comic con basically involved a large carpeted area with lots of hallways, lots of vendors, and lots of comics and merchandise. At first I wasn't that into it, but then I started roaming around and checking out the booths, and I started having a good time. There was just so much nerdy stuff to look at!

So, after perusing through some silver age relics under the gazes of pompous dork- hipsters, I went to go look at some of the featured artists. This was both good and VERY bad. I mean, I don't even want to go into it. However, I met some really cool, talented people. I just wish I had met Mike Allred, creator of the amazing MADMAN comics. I went to sat hi to him and probably make a fool out of myself as well, but he was being interviewed by some stupid podcast guy. DAMN IT! Then I came back later, and he was gone.

I'm glad I went anyway. I plan to visit many more ComiCons. Hopefully I'll get to the New York one next.

I'll have some actual art up soon



Leonard Dente said...

Thanks for buying an impoverished artist a coffee.

jackpurcell38 said...

good meeting you Sam! Cheers!

Gregery Miller said...

I wish I knew you guys were going. I went first thing saturday morning and had the privelage of meeting and holding a fairly lengthy conversation with Mike and Laura Allred, and also with the classic of Marvel Dick Ayers. Then I bought a drawing from him. Now I sound like I'm bragging.. hah! not my intention. I just had an awesome time, talked to some awesome artists, and we should all go together sometime. Did you know we could get spaces there very cheap?? I got some insight from a local artist and he recommended making 10-12 pieces of well-known stuff. It doesn't have to be comics, he had an amazing pans labyrinth drawing. He was doing well too, crowds all around him, good artwork. He was selling prints. 10 bucks a piece. we could make baaaank.