Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Tower of Moss

Hi all. Thanks for the comments (you know who you are). I appreciate them. I am kind of in an ambiguous place in my art, I sometimes feel like I'm more into fine art, and then I go back to more "commercial" places. Anyway, it's good to have feedback.


EBK said...

This has a tapestry feel to it - I like the blues - what does the black rectangle over a face signify?

Leonard Dente said...

There's been some type of evolution going on in your work lately. I'm noticing that through all your experimentation you've arrived at a very different mood to your pieces. I'd say there's a better color sense, better value scale, and almost a new symbolism to those weird shapes suddenly appearing in your paintings.

I wish that I had time to play with those greyscale pages you sent me! Degree project is devouring my soul.

But on a positive note, I'm thinking I've had an epiphany. Every senior goes through a period of great DOUBT, I've been dwelling in it for a while, but tonight (after seeing the Shepard Fairey show at the new ICA of all things) I've had an explosion of thoughts on my process and on my degree project. Stay tuned.

I also now have aspirations to get into tattooing, but that's a separate story ...

Sam Koch said...

Thanks lenny. Your work is getting pretty awesome, too. Society of Illustrators yo!!

Tatooing? I would not expect that from you. Have you been using ink a lot lately?

Sounds good to me! oh yeah don't worry about the comic pages, I have to really dedicate myself to making one before anything else.