Sunday, December 7, 2008

Modus Lotus

I went to Modus Lotus last night, The pop art show in worcester at the Aurora Gallery. I just wanna say that it was AWESOME. There was such a variety of work and I am honored that I was asked to be in it. There was a great turn out and I saw all kinds of nice folk that I haven't seen for a while. I especially liked all of the vintage original comic book pages, but the whole show really was amazing.

note: my girlfriend Kate liked Veronica's Carousel pieces A LOT.

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Veronica said...

Hi Sam!

I'm sorry we didn't get to talk! I heard Brian Butler say "Sam" and I was going to interupt but wasn't sure if I should - eek

thanks so much for coming, and I hope you don't mind we only were able to use on piece - we loved all 3 but TOTALLY got flooded with work and had to cut back due to space. I hope that's okay!

All the best