Saturday, December 29, 2007


hello all.
i had a good christmas, lots of maine cheer. i am currently working out of a corner of my dad's studio, trying to make as little of a mess as possible. ive been working on some sketches for upcoming projects and just fooling around with ink and tracing paper. its a good combination sometimes. I;m planning on posting a comic that im making pretty soon. something like a page every few days. ive got some sketches im posting for it. you might also see the radiohead thing in the tree one... that is just delusions of grandeur. anyway, happy new year everyone.


Jacqueline said...

Hey Sam,
My break is great so far..I don't want it to end!
So, links..go to the top of your blog to 'customize' and then to 'template' and then 'page elements' and you should see "Add a Page Element" in which you can choose to add a links section.
Hope that works for you, let me know!

roentarre said...

Quite a monotonous look but filled with so much mood. Powerful sketches